Aside from the usual services of a trader, PDI prides itself in offering two very specific value added services. PDI provides financing services for both customers and suppliers ensuring a more efficient cash flow for all parties.

PDI also provides logistics services that helps make sure our customers get the goods when they need it. We believe that this allows our partners to focus on what really matters and that is delivering the best service to their customers. 
PDI has also developed an arbitrage financial model that allows us to finance paper mills who we consider strategic partners in Southeast Asia and the Middle East 

PDI has also taken steps in acquiring FSC Certification which will allow us to provide our customers with more options so that they can serve their end customers who require FSC certified goods.

Moreover, with 40 dedicated staff strategically placed in all of our different offices, we are able to bridge the gap between customers and suppliers allowing for a more efficient order process for both parties. 

Given all these factors the PDI group aspires to keep on growing with our customers and suppliers. We are now starting to expand to Latin America and with the help of key strategic partners we are looking forward to establishing a foothold in the market.